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Jeep Parts & Accessories Print E-mail


We offer a number of products to help maintain your Jeep and improve performance, we offer remanufactued automatic and manual transmission, overhaul kit that will allow you to complete the overhaul of either of these units.  We offer body parts, brake parts, clutch replacement kit.  Replacement driveshafts, both coil and leaf springs these are OE replacement parts.  We can also provide front and rear differential ring and pinion sets plus replacment master bearing overhaul kits and positraction units to assist your performance off road or in bad weather, also available are open differential spider/side gear replacement kits if required.  Don't see what you need just give us a call.  Our transmission are factory remanufactured and are direct replacements both manual and automatic transmissions have 12 month warranties. 


Brake Parts, Rotors, Pad etc.

We provide complete service brake parts and components including brake pad, brake drum, brake shoes for drum brakes, we also provide rotors and calipers as well as pad for vehcles equipped with disk brakes.

Body Parts and Accessories

Parts are provided to assist you in repairs of you CJ, XJ, Wrangler and YJ series. Our current body part and accessories kits include bumper and bumperette replacements, fender flare kits, new body mounting rubber, fog light replacements new radiator coolant tank, battery boxes, fuel level sensing components, mirror kits and wiper motor replacement kits are available.


 Jeep Body Parts

We offer a complete line of aftermarket replacement body parts for may Jeep models, we can provide replacement mirrors, fenders, bumpers, head and tail lights and many more accessories.  These parts are available for the following models:  CJ, XJ, YJ, and ZJ.


Jeep Engine Parts

The engine parts kits we offer include complete tune-up kits, valve cover replacement kits, oil pump repair kits, timing cover replacement kits, timing kits, rocker arm kits and engine mount kits.  We can provide  jeep engine parts for the following Jeep models CJ2, CJ3, CJ5, cj7, J10, J20, Cherokee, Wrangler, XJ, YJ, ZJ, Jeep, CJ2, CJ3, CJ5, J10, J20, Cherokee, grand cherokee, liberty, Wrangler, wrangler sahara, XJ, YJ, ZJ and willys.  Parts are available for 2.5 lt engine, 4.0 lt engine, 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, V8 304, 360 engine, 401 motors.


Clutch Kits

Parts are provided to assist you in repairs of you CJ, XJ, YJ, TJ and ZJ series. The clutch kits are offered for both manual and hydraulic operated replacement clutch assemblies .


Differential Parts

For the do it yourself (DIY) we offer a complete line of drivetrain kits to assist you with repair to your Jeep. Parts are provided to assist you in repairs of you CJ series, XJ and YJ series. The drivetrain kits include axles replacements, bearing overhaul kits for both AMC 20 and Dana differentials, front hub replacement as wheel bearing kits are available.


Differential Gears

We specialize in optimizing your vehicles application requirements, i.e. cruising, towing or just every day driver including your selected tire size by matching your rear end gear ratio to your specific application. You can drop 600 RPM off you engine, saving engine life and fuel, a great idea if you cruise the concrete all the time. We have a wide variety of gear sets in stock and can recommend and select the best suited differential combination for your driving routine. We will recommend the right gear ratio to match your engine horsepower, transmission specifications. High quality 8620 material ring and pinion matched sets are available for your AMC20, Dana 30, Dana 35 and Dana 44 differenitials.  We can also supply other differential parts including front axles , rear axles and Chrysler 8.25", Dana 30, Dana 35 and Dana 44 differential parts.  Single piece axle replacements are also available. 



We off replacment transmission from the early 3 speed to the lates 5 speed units, you will find suggested upgrades for the BA10 to AX15 and the 3550.  These transmission are factory remanufactued and tested prior to shipment.  We offer conversion transmission and well as direct drop in replacements.  These transmission have 12 month warranties. One featured upgrade is the  NV4500 transmission offers heavy duty performance with stronger gears, case and improved bearings. If your your ready to upgrade your 4 speed transmission these New Venture units are for you. The 5 speed unit is available for both 2WD and 4WD models and have a 12 month, warranty.

nv4500transmission_large.jpgNV4500 Conversion Kits

New NV4500 conversion kits to replace early light duty 4 speed transmission is available for both 2WD and 4WD models


Our replacement automatic transmission are available as direct drop in replacements, these units are available in two different warranties, either 12 months or Chrysler built 3 year 75,000 mile warranties.   We also offer performance and problem solving kits fix know factory design defects before your transmission fails. Increase transmission line pressure reducing burnt clutches & bands. Delay the timing of the application of the torque converter clutch eliminating TCC shudder, chug & stress, and engine bogging when pulling load




Rear Axle Shafts

We offer direct replacements for Jeep axles, in most cases these are direct OEM replacement axles.  We also offer single piece axle replacements for CJ Model 20 fitting model years 1976 - 1986.

Rods & Tie Rod Ends    

Springs, Leaf and Coil

We offer direct OE replacement coil and leaf springs for most Jeep models.  Remove the sag and get the vehicle back to factory height.   Leaf Springs   Coil Springs  


Transfer Cases

Transfer case replacement are factory built and tested piror to shipment, these units have a 12 month warranty are are direct replacement units.  Be sure to supply the assembly number off the rear of your existing case to ensure direct replacement.  We also provide tranfer case overhaul kits and hard parts. 


Front Axle and Bearings


Quality front axle and bearings


Jeep Hubs

Quality OEM replacement hubs, 

Jeep Hub


Having drive line problems, you can find answers to some of your questions in our technical diagnostic section on drive shaft related problems that includes the following major topics:

We offer full service drive shaft repairs, including high speed balancing to remove all vibrations. Remove your shaft and ship it to us by UPS or Fed Xwe will provide you an estimate to repair and ship within two days typically!


Transmission & Transfer Case Repair Kit

High quality bearing overhaul kit are availble for manual transmission and transfer cases.  These kit typically include all major bearings, gaskets and seal and in most case include small parts, this varies by unit.  

Tranfer Case Bearing Overhaul kits

Manual Transmission Overhaul kits  

Summer Briefs   Custom designed for each body style, these easy on, easy off briefs provide protection form the hot sun and sudden showers.  See all of the Summer Briefs.    
Provide the ultimate summer sun and rain protection with our Rugged ridge Roll Bar Curtains, Roll Bar Tops and Island Tops.   See all the Roll Bar Curtains.
New for 2009, the Rugged Ridge Fabric Replacement Soft Top has veen developed out of years of industry research and engineering.  Our trainned staff of Jeep experts have developed an entire program that offers the best value, selection and design of any Fabric Soft Top offering.   Each Fabric Soft Top is specifically designed to easily fit the factory original soft top hardwar. See all the Soft Replacement Tops we offer.    



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