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Production Capability

In our manufacturing facility we custom build rear end assemblies for individual requirements or for both large machinery or vehicle manufactures and assemblers.  We specialize in heavy-duty rear end upgrades including Dana 80, Dana 70, Dana 60, Dana 44, GM 14 Bolt, Ford 9.75" and Dodge 4x4 front end.  In these custom differential projects we utilize high strength ring gear & pinion, gears combined with quality bearings and your choice of positraction units including, air lockers by ARB, Auburn Gear, Detroit Locker, Eaton and Powertrax.   Weather you have a production requirement or need a stronger work truck or building an off road vehicle, custom street runner or custom truck we can provide a third member to meet your individual requirements.
These photos show the start of a lager production run of 20 custom Dana 80 rear differentials.  Custom modifications include shortening tubes, new shorter axles, re-bearing and installation of positraction units.  The units were custom built for a manuafactue of material transportation equipment.
Custom Capability

Remanufactured Custom 12 bolt car differentials with many features to improve your differential strength, if you are breaking 10 bolt differentials in your GM muscle cars this may be the answer you have been waiting for. These units will work in El Caminos, Chevelle, Monte Carlos, Camero, Caprice and Impala replacing 8.5" diameter ring gear and pinion sets with large 8.875" hardware. Starting at $1550.00

Remanufactured 14 Bolt differential to replace 10 Bolts in GM pickup trucks and suburban 1/2 and 3/4 ton models are available.

Call today for a quote on your custom or production rear end requirements, we provide quality products at competitive prices.


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