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Custom 12 bolt car differentials with many features to improve your differential strength, if you are breaking 10 bolt differentials in your GM muscle cars this may be the answer you have been waiting for. These units will work in El Camino's, Chevelle, Monte Carlos, Camaro, Caprice and Impala's replacing the 8.5" diameter ring gear and pinion sets with large 8.875" hardware. These Custom differentials including the following:

  • Enhanced tube ends to accommodate larger axle bearings
  • Larger wheel bearings and seals
  • Custom Axles 60% stronger than stock, no C-clip's
  • Available in 60." for El Camino and early Cameros, or 62.5" widths for Chevelle, Monte Carlos, Caprice Impala and late model after 73 Cameros.
  • Axles have 1/2" screw in lugs or stock studs, 5 on 4 3/4" pattern
  • Backing plate modifications and installation of your brake hardware
  • Assembled and set up by a race technician with 23 years experience


These units are offer under our exchange program, yousupply your existing differential, we manufacture you custom differential assemblyusing the existing differential as a pattern to ensure that all brackets, mountsand hangers are in the correct position and adjusted to the proper angle. Allowingyou to just drop in and connect brake lines and install driveshaft assembly.

Price $1550.00 exchange (you ship your 10 Bolt core) plusoutbound freight, this price includes all new internal components with the gear ratioof your choice selected form the following list of available gear ratios :

3.08   3.73   4.56
3.42   3.90   4.88
3.55   4.10   5.14

The following options are available for you to selectfrom:

  • Add a heavy duty girdled differential cover $145.00
  • Add a Auburn Limited Slip Positraction Pro Series $440.25
  • Add a Eaton Limited Slip Positraction $420.65
  • Add a Solid Locking Positraction by Lockrigth Performance Series $360.00
  • Add the new no-slip Positraction by Powertrax $415.00
  • Add disc brakes $650.60




We also offer the Housing and axle kit (unassembled) your cost $1080.00, shock brackets add $29.95, other components also available separately. 

Just need Ring and Pinion Set

Bearing Overhaul Kits

14 Bolt Differential Upgrade 


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