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ODYSSEY batteries jet ski Kawasaki
  ODYSSEY batteries jet skis

ODYSSEY Batteries Positively More Cranking Power for Your Watercraft Jet Skies! 

"Tired of a dead battery, New Dry Cell Technology provides 3 times the life and 60% more  Cranking Power"

The combination of extreme power and performance makes ODYSSEY® batteries perfect for a range of applications, including Auto/LTV, marine, commercial, racing and powersports. ODYSSEY batteries deliver twice the overall power and three times the life of conventional batteries!  Here we provide a wide selection of Odyssey dry cell deep cycle batteries for Snowmobiles.  We offer these advanced batteries for the following Watercraft Jet Ski's models:  Artic Cat, Bombardier - Ski Doo, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, SOS, Ultranautics, Wet Jet and Yamaha.   See our Watercraft Jet Ski's application guide below, select your Watercraft Jet Ski's manufacture, find your horsepower rating and model year and then to the right find the correct part number for your applocation. 

ODYSSEY batteries jet skiThe Odyssey battery ingeniously uses absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology to offer, in one box, the characteristics of two separate batteries. It can deep cycle as well as provide enormous cranking power.  2 year full replacement warranty.

These batteries are capable of providing engine cranking pulses in excess of 2250A for 5 seconds as well as 400 charge/discharge cycles to 80% depth of discharge (DOD). A typical starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) battery can do one or the other, but not both.

Odyssey AGM batteries will do both - provide short duration high amperage pulse or low rate long duration drains.  Watch the video:

"What makes Odyssey Batteries so different, so unique, so powerful".

  • 2, 3 or 4 year full warranty
  • 12 year military design
  • Drycell sealed technology
  • 60% more cranking power
  • Deep cycle design
  • Mount in any position - any place
  • Brass terminals, non-corrosive
  • Steel jacket for severe use
    • Pure virgin lead plates for maximum surface area, optimized recycling
    • AGM design eliminates acid spills
    • High conductivity, corrosion resistant tin-plated brass terminals
    • High integrity terminal seal
    • Completely sealed - all gases recycled internally
    • Self-regulating relief valve
    • Many models have tough flame retardant containers
    • Robust internal cell connections prevent vibration damage

    Phenomenal starting power and massive deep cycle reserve power in one battery!

    Designed and built to last up to 3 times as long.

    Pure Lead Plates

    Tin Alloy Coated Brass Terminals

    Compressed AGM Plate Separators

    Burned Internal Cell Connections


    PC 535 Specs:

    • 535 cranking amps for 5 seconds
    • 465 cranking amps for 10 seconds
    • 410 cranking amps for 20 seconds
    • Short circuit current over 1000A
    • 14.8 amp hours
    • 21 minute reserve capacity with 25amp load
    • CCA - 200
    • Length 6.70"
    • Width 3.90"
    • Height 6.13"
    • Weight 12.0 lbs

    Used in  Harley Davidson motorcycles, and Artic Cat and Wet Jet watercraft. The PC535 battery has a 2 year full replacement warranty.

    Dimensions: Length 6.70" Width 3.90" Height 6.125"


    PC 545 / PC 545MJ Specs:

    • 545 cranking amps for 5 seconds
    • 495 cranking amps for 10 seconds
    • 420 cranking amps for 20 seconds
    • Short circuit current over 1200A
    • 14Ah
    • 18 minute reserve capacity with 25amp load
    • CCA - 185 (
    • Female brass terminal w/M6 SS bolt

    MJ stands for metal jacket. The metal jacket is needed if it's being mounted near heat to protect the plastic of the battery from swelling. The lead plates are under much higher pressure than a lead acid battery and if the plastic heats up, the plates will want to expand outward which can ruin the battery if it doesn't have a jacket.

    Uses in ATVs, motorcycles, and watercraft. It may also be purchased with an outer steel metal jacket if it may come in contact with other components or be near a heat source.  The PC545 battery has a 2 year full replacement warranty.

    Dimensions: Length 7.00" Width 3.37" Height 5.17"


    M6 Bolt - Can be fitted with brass automotive terminals




    PC545MJ $151.71


    PC 625 Specs:

    • YB16-CLB replacement
    • 625 cranking amps for 5 seconds
    • 545 cranking amps for 10 seconds
    • 480 cranking amps for 20 seconds
    • Short circuit current over 1800A
    • 27 minute reserve capacity with 25amp load
    • Length 6.7"
    • Width 3.90"
    • Height 6.89"
    • Weight 13.2 lbs
    The PC 625 is a direct replacement for the YB16-CLB part number.

    PC 925 Specs:

    • 925 cranking amps for 5 seconds
    • 870 cranking amps for 10 seconds
    • 765 cranking amps for 20 seconds
    • 675 cranking amps for 30 seconds
    • Short circuit current over 2400A
    • 28Ah
    • 52 minute reserve capacity with 25amp load
    • CCA - 380 

    MJ stands for metal jacket. 

    T stands for SAE automotive terminals.

    L stands for left post positive. If the battery is sitting flat with the terminals on the side closest to you, the positive terminal is on the left.


    M6 Bolt - Can be fitted with brass automotive terminals




    PC925MJ $209.26

    Manufacture / Horsepower
    Model Year
    Part Number
    ARCTIC CAT      
    Tiger Shark 1993-2001 (All Models) PC535
    1500 2003-2007 GTX 4-Tec, RXP PC925L
    1500 1994-2007 All Other Models PC625
    1500 1988-1993 All Models PC625
    1235 2002-2005 Aqua Trax F-12, F-12X PC545*3
    1235 2003-2007 Aqua Trax R-12, R12X PC545*3
    1500 2004-2008 JT1500-C STX-15F PC545*3
    1200 1999-2005 JH1200-A, B Ultra 150 PC545*3
    1200 2002-2007 JH1200-A, B, C, STX-R, STX-12F PC545*3
    1100 2001-2004 JH1100-B Ultra 130 PC545*3
    1100 1996-2003 JH1100 Zxi PC545*3
    1100 1997-2003 JT1100 STX PC545*3
    900 1995-1997 JH900 Zxi PC545*3
    900 1997-2005 JT900 STS, STX PC545*3
    800 2003-2008 JS800 SX-R PC545*3
    750 1992-1999 JH750 SS, ST, Xi, XiR PC625
    750 1995-1997 JH750 ST, Zxi PC545*3
    750 1992-1995 JS750 SX, ZX PC625
    750 1995-2002 JS750 Sxi, Sxi Pro PC545*3
    750 1994-1995 JT750 XiR, ST, STS PC625
    750 1996-1998 JT750 STS, STX PC545*3
    650 1986-1995 JF650 X2 PC625
    650 1989-1996 JF650 TS PC625
    650 1991-1995 JL650 SC PC625
    650 1987-1995 JS650 SX PC625
    550 1986-1995 JS550 SX PC625
    550 1982-1985 JS550 PC545*3
    440 1987-1992 JS440 PC545*3
    440 1977-1986 JS440 PC545*3
    400 1976 JS400 PC625
    300 1986-1991 JS300 TS, SX PC625
      ALL All Sizes All Models PC625
    S.O.S Marine Mfg    
      ALL All Sizes All Models PC535
    800 1987-1992 All Models PC925L
    800 1985-1986 Wet Bike PC925L
    WET JET      
      ALL All Sizes All Models PC535
      1987-2007 All Sizes All Wave Runner Models PC625
    *1 Battery installation requires rerouting of battery cables  
    *2 Requires shim pad in lower battery tray  
    *3 PC545 is 15/16 inch lower in height then OEM battery  
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