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Parts Catalog

Welcome to our on-line digital drivetrain catalog offering discounted automotive, light, medium, heavy-duty truck and off road parts and accessories. Scroll down to see complete line of products we offer. Purchase your products at and receive free telephone technical support! Our site is designed to be like a trip to the local auto parts store, you go behind the counter, and search la arge catalog data base, below you will find an auto part catalog index where we present links to our professional quality products for your vehicle maintenance, appearance improvement, economy improvement and improved safety. Open the large stack of catalogs on the counter, by selecting a category below, links with lead you to detailed vehicle application information that you can review and select from. In addition we provide an extensive set of installation instruction and reference information page. Below you can see a graphic picture of each catagory of parts for light and medimum duty vehicles we offer, below that you can see a brief description of each catagory. We also provide links to our Heavy Duty 10 and 18 wheeler products.

Our products are supplied by quality manufactures including Dana, Spicer, Rockford, Perfection, Midwest Gear, Foot Axle, Air Locker, ARB, Auburn Gear, Powertrax, Superior, Detroit Locker, Remco, Neapco, Gear Vendor, US Gear, Rockford, RoadMaster, Eaton, Mag-Hytec, American Eagle, AFe, Old Man Emu, and Crown just to name a few.

In addition to our warehouses we offer installation and service on all under vehicle components and assemblies, when your in Las Vegas, Nevada look us up and let us share our experience and capability with you. As a worldwide warehouse distributor of automotive parts, we hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

Product Categories:

ATV Axles OE Replacement, High Quality
ATV Drivetrain Parts
Auto Gear Shop Las Vegas, Differential Repairs & Upgrades
Drive Shafts
Drive Line Service Las Vegas
Exhaust Cat Back Systems Dodge, Chevy & Ford
Exhaust Systems Performance Dodge, Chevy & Ford


Ford Truck Parts

Gauges Performance Monitoring
Lift/Leveling Kits Front End
Mounts, Transmission & Engine Chevy/GM, Chrysler/Dodge, Ford, Imports


Steering Pump Power

Tonneau Covers
Transfer Cases replacement units Chevy / GM, Dodge, Ford & Import
Transmissions, Automatic Remanufactured

Transmission, Automatic Overhaul Kits
Transmissions Automatic Ford Car, Ford Truck SUV


Wheels Alloy
Wheels Dually Alloy

Heavy Duty 10 & 18 Wheeler Parts

HD Axles

HD Manual Transmission Overhaul Kits

HD Center Bearings
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One stop to shop for all your drivetrain parts! Automotive, Trucking, Agricultural, Heavy Equipment & Mining Largest stock of drivetrain components in NEVADA!   Many Orders Shipped the Same Day

Product Category


Product Summary Information

4 x 4 Off-Road Transfer case, rear ends, front ends, all axle components anything you may want to service your four wheel and off road needs. Custom manufacturing is our specialty. Motive Gear, Auburn, Dana/Spicer, Air Locker, Detroit Locker, Warn Hubs, BCA, National Seals, Moser Axle, and OEM replacements.
Active Suspension Improve vans, pickup trucks and SUV's road handling, improve load carrying ability and improves you vehicle safety. This product also helps to prevent axle wrap and wheel hopping saving component life.
Additives Lubricants designed for performance, differential, transmission and fuel Quality lubricants and additives by Red Line
Air Intake Systems Improve Diesel Performance Horsepower, Torque and mileage AFe intake systems or Ford PowerStroke, Dodge Ram and Duramax Gas & Diesel
Air Lift Air Bag Suspension Springs that you can adjust air pressure to compensate for your load condition. Ensuring that your load is balanced and level for better comfort and control. When your load increases, you just add's that simple.
Air Locker Positraction These Air Lockers break new ground, giving you and instant and full locking differential system - at the push of a button. ARB driver controlled quality positraction.
ATV Drivetrain Components Half Shaft, complete Axles, boots, ujoints and CV Joints OEM Quality ATV Drivetrain Parts including Half Shafts & Complete Axles
Axle and axle replacements Replacements for your vehicles OE axles Quality parts, even some axles available for older GM and Ford cars!
Axle, Heavy Duty Truck replacements Replacements for your vehicles OE axles Only Quality axles for Dodge, Ford, GMC, Mack, Navistar and truck that have Eaton or Rockwell differential units.
Bearing Kits Differential rear end bearing kits, include complete overhaul components, bearings, seal and shim, etc. Only High Quality BCA, Nichi, Koyo, Timken, Federal Mogul and Victor Seals.
Bug Shields Latest Design Wrap around Protect you finish in style, the latest in Lund Bug Shields
Chevrolet Truck or SUV Gas Performance Kit Take charge of your late model GM pickup truck or SUV's performance. Diesel programmers also available. Gain as much as 65 horsepower and up to 6 more miles per gallon in fuel. Hand held program and air intake system.
Chevrolet Truck Parts & Accessories Aftermarket products to enhance and improve your GM pickup truck performance. Exhaust systems, air systems, positraction's units, overdrive and many other products.
Clutch Kit Rebuilt clutches may be OK, until you have to replace one, our new OEM clutches have a 12 month, 36000 mile warranty, the High Perfection Power Torque, matched sets provide superior performance. You can purchase at jobber!

Acura, AMC , Buick, BMW, Chevrolet, Chevy Truck, Ford, Ford Truck, Honda, Isuzu, Jeep, Mazda, NissanandToyota
Clutch Kit Heavy Duty High Performance Clutches for Dodge Ram and Ford PowerStroke Applications, don't settle for OEM performance. Quality New Clutch assemblies required to handle the torque loads of high performance Diesel Pickup Trucks.
Coil Springs A complete line of Old Man Emu products for Off-road vehicle applications. Old Man Emu shocks and springs are engineered to work as integrated components of a complete suspension system.
Dodge Truck Aftermarket products to enhance and improve your Dodge Ram pickup truck performance. Complete line of clutches, transmissions, gauges, overdrive and positraction's and much more
Driveline & Axle Disconnects Ideal for towing vehicle behind your motor home with all four wheels on the ground, i.e. no dolly to store! REMCO high quality towing products.
Driveline's & Driveline Assemblies Custom built to your specifications, shorten, lengthen, new and rebuilt, U-Joints, Yokes, Tubing and parts High Speed Balancing, 24 hour turn-around on your re-manufactured drive shafts assemblies. Only Quality parts - Neapco, Dana-Spicer are used in our shop
Driveline's & Driveline Components and Parts Standard driveshaft components, including slip, flange and weld yokes, ujoints, stub shafts and center bearings. We offer only top quality drive shaft components by Dana/Spicer and Neapco. Supply the parts, get better parts and save money.
& Drive Shaft Repair & Manufacturing Facility Standard drivetrain repair services in Las Vegas, 30 years experience visit our facility or send us the driveline we can help and save you some money. Providing only the highest quality repairs and new replacement drive shaft fabrication service. Using Dana Spice, Neapco and Rockford components.
Differential Covers When You're Pulling a Serious Load Quality Aircraft Aluminum, more fluid equals more cooling and longer pinion and carrier bearing life.
Differential Rear End Assemblies Complete rear and front end differential assemblies including brakes. Custom manufacturing of differentials to meet individual or production requirements. Quality take outs, new or near new assemblies at very low prices. Chevy/GM 12 bolt, Chevy/GM 14 bolt and Ford 9.75"
Differentials Custom & Production Complete rear end and differential manufacturing facilities! Specializing in Ford 9" for Jeep applications, GM 12 bolt to replace 10 bolt car diff's. 14 Bolt truck to replace 10 bolt 8.5 for better performance on and off road. Have a Nissan/Toyota and cannot get performance positraction's we can build you a stronger replacement Ford 8.8".
Differential Ring Gear & Pinion Sets Gear sets, ring-gear and pinions. See gear ratio application and information guide for selecting proper ratio when changing to larger tires. Larger tires can rob performance! Application guide by differential model, i.e., GM 10 Bolt, Ford 9". Detailed parts listings, find the parts you need with pricing information.
Differential Lok 4x4 Posi-Lok gives you full & instant control for true shift-on-the-fly. Manual cable control systems replaces failure prone front differential engagement systems
Dodge Ram Truck Parts and accessories for your RAM Quality after market performance improvements!
Dual Mass Flywheel New OEM Dual Mass Flywheels for Diesel Pickup Trucks. Quality Perfection performance improvements!
Engine Chrysler Dodge Chrysler Factory remanufactured Car, Van and Pickup Truck 3 year 36,000-mile warranty. Call for price and availability
Exhaust Brake Models to fit exhaust systems from 2.5" to 4.0". Ideal for 3/4 & 1 ton pickup trucks that tow. US Gear Quality Components, take the excitement out of down hill towing!
Cat Back Diesel Exhaust 4 inch stainless steel system improves performance. Keep Diesel engines operating within the specified operating temperature. Systems also available for gas vehicles.
Exhaust Manifold, Dodge Diesel Replace single piece design and increases exhaust gas efficiency helping to spool up the turbocharger sooner with less exhaust back-pressure ATS three piece pulse manifold for the Dodge Cummins.
Exhaust System, CORSA High Performance Exhaust systems increase power, increase fuel mileage. Silverado, Sierra, SSR, Silverado, Sierra Denali, Tahoe, Yukon, Avalanche, and Escalade, Duramax, Dodge Ram, Ford F150, Ford F250 Diesel
Exhaust System, Diesel From Turbo to Tip a complete 4" Aluminized Kit including clamps & Brackets. Increase horsepower , torque and gain some mileage. Ford PowerStroke, Dodge Ram, Chevy Duramax
Exhaust Tip Turn Downs These double chrome turn downs direct exhaust away from tow vehicle, 5th Wheel or trailer. US Gear Quality Components
Electric Fan Chevy

Electric Fan Dodge

Electric Fan Ford
These electric high CFM dual fan kits remove requirement for engine horsepower to turn fan. Flex-a-lite Increase horsepower , torque and gain mileage. Also available low profile fans for Chevy and Dodge.
Filter Air, Dodge Ram Diesel 1994-2002 Dodge Ram trucks L6 5.9Lt Cummins TD. Increase power to pull & tow, up to an additional 24 horsepower & increase torque Advanced Flow Engineering (aFe) has developed a new high flow air filter for the Dodge/Cummins pickups.
Flywheels OEM replacement flywheels for both domestic and import vehicles Quality Perfection manufacturing, also flywheels for Diesels as well as Gas .
FJ Cruiser Toyota Parts - Accessories performance & off road capability improvements plus appearance enhanced Bull Bar HD bumper, air locking positraction, fridge/freezer, air intake system, roof racks, light kits.
Ford Truck Parts and accessories for your PowerStroke and Ford Pickup Trucks Quality after market performance improvements!
Ford Diesel Programmer Improve Horsepower, Torque and save fuel! Advance programmer puts you in control, adjust critical parameters and monitor critical vehicle parameters!
Front Wheel Drive Axles New or Rebuilt, replacement parts Quality parts - Rockford
Gauge Kits Instrumentation ---Performance Monitoring Systems. Ideal for 1/2, 3/4 & 1 ton pickup trucks that tow, for gas and a must for diesel owners. New vertical pillar mounts available! Hewlett Quality Components
Hose Kit Dodge Cummins Engines High quality Silicone Hose Kit for Dodge Cummins Engines Turbo and Cooling hoses, hand made in America!
Hubs, Front Manual Locking Axle Upgrade you automatic locking hubs to manual Warn is the leader in quality hubs, standard and premium are available.
Jeep Single Piece Axle Replacements Replace the factory 2 piece axle assemblies and double your reliability, a great do it yourself project. Only Quality Warn parts, kit includes studs, bearings and seals. Conversion kit hardware available.
Jeep Repair Parts and Accessories Replacement parts for your CJ, XJ, YJ and more. New tune up kits added to complete line of Jeep repair kits! Application guides provide allowing easy lookup of the part you need, hubs, tie rods, springs
Leaf Springs A complete line of Old Man Emu products for Off-road vehicle applications. Old Man Emu shocks and springs are engineered to work as integrated components of a complete suspension system.
Lift/Leveling Kits, Front End Lift Leveling Kits, Front End add height for larger tires. Another quality kit form ReadyLift™ Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Toyota, Cadillac, Hummer, Nissan & Toyota accomodate larger tires.
Locking Hubs Front Axle Replace your troublesome automatic front hubs with manual locking hubs. Use our Application guide to see if your vehicle can be upgraded. Warn pioneered locking hubs, these hubs set the industry standard.
Overdrive Unit Improve towing capability, improved fuel mileage, not to mention extended engine life, you can drop 600 RPM's at cruise speed. We have Gear Vendor top quality products
Positraction FWD Limited Slip GM front wheel drive automatic transmission/differential assembly. Improve your traction for your GM front wheel drive automatic transmission/differential assembly.
Positraction Air Locker Air activated high quality positraction units for most applications ARB's long tested air operated design for the extreme off roader
Positraction Limited Slip Auburn These limited slip differentials give you the performance gain you need! Put all drive wheels to work, get ready for the bad weather, don't get stuck again!
Positraction Limited Slip Eaton Performance limited slp positraction units for Street Performance, Hot Rodders, Off-roaders, and Drag Racers Made from high-temperature carbon fiber wrapped with a carbon anti-wear coating, quiet operation over the life of the vehicle.
Positraction Electric Solid Locker Eaton Positraction on demand, just push a control switch Eaton's latest high quality solid on demand positraction for Chevrolet and Ford's.
Positraction no-slip Differentials New improved design provides needed traction without the noise of other traction systems. Wondering what differential your vehicle has, you can find out here! Our Application guide allows you to select the locker for your application.
Positraction Toyota Limited Slip TRD limited slip positraction, Eaton Design for Pickup Trucks Quality Design and Manufactured Kazuma
Positraction Lockers, Lockright Differentials Provide additional traction for your Auto, Pickup Truck, SUV or RV Differential lockers can prevent you from getting stuck in mud, sand or snow. Only Quality parts by Powertrax --Put both of your rear wheels to work! Great for Off Road applications.
Power Chip Increase towing power and mileage on the Ford 7.3L PowerStroke, add 63 to 80 rear wheel horsepower . New Chip now available for you Easy installation, wake up you truck. With this chip you will not have to wonder if it's working, you will have a different truck. A good do it yourself project. Ford Gas Car or Pickup, Ford Diesel
Programmer Hand Held Increase towing power and mileage on the GM 6600 Duramax Diesel, add 80 rear wheel horsepower and 200 additional foot pounds of torque. Easy installation, With this hand held computer you upload new ECM code in less than 5 minutes GM Gas. GM Diesel, Dodge Diesel, Ford Diesel
Rack & Pinion Assemblies Replace worn or leaking assemblies. These high quality remanufactured units by Universal Mfg. will improve safety and improve tire life.
Ring and Pinion Gear Sets Optimize your differential ratio to improve performance and save money. Stop giving your money to the oil companies, if you are not towing with your pick;up truck. Application guide by differential mode. Matched ring gear and pinion sets high quality gear grinding.
RockerFlares Protect your rocker panels from road debris and rock chips! High quality easy installation
Speedo Solutions Transmission conversions or ring and pinion changes or tire size changes giving you problems. Stock mechanical speedometer with updated transmission equipped with a vehicle speed sensor. Changing your tire size or rear gear ratio will make your speedometer inaccurate
Steering Gear Box Manual Steering Gear Box, Power Steering Gear Box Remanufactured, high quality for for longer life.
Tools Dial Indicator and Magnetic Base Required for setting up ring and pinion back lash measurement.
Tonneau Covers Manufactured with advanced polymers give this tonneau cover unparalleled strength and durability High quality easy installation by UnderCover
Tow Bar & Base Plates If you tow a vehicle you need a state-of-the art tow bar and base plate! Demco equipment, we offer the latest in towing accessories, Aluminator, Excali-Bar & Kwik-tow. Roadmaster towing equipment available.
Tow Brake Unified Tow Brake with both Proportional and Progressive Braking Improve Safety by utilizing the towed vehicle's own power brakes. Required by many states.
Transfer Cases Re-manufactured units, not just rebuilt
Chevy & General Motors, Dodge, Ford, Jeep and Imports
Improve the reliability of your off road vehicle with these factory remanufactured unit with 12 month warranties.
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