afe_logo_catagory.jpgafe_logo.jpgWe offer a large selection of AFe performance parts that you can add to your Ford 6.7LT  turbo diesel to improve your truck performance.  These products consist of Pro Dry S serie or Pro 5R cold air intakespackage deal including intake and exhaust systems and exhaust system for off road or drag strip only.

A finely tuned engine needs to breath to produce optimum power.  The more cold air an engine can take in the more hot exhaust it can let out, the more power it can produce.  A couple key factors are Volumetric Efficiency and Combustion Efficiency. Volumetric efficience increasing the speed, volume and efficiency of airflow to an engine increases the power output and efficiency of the engine.

Combustion efficiency the perfect mixture of fuel and air, along with the perect delivery of that mixture, results in the perfect combustion efficiency and huge power gains.  Help your engine realize its full potential.  

Huge, high-flow conical air filters are the first step to increased airflow to the engine. Steel heat shields or molded plastic air boxes keep hot air out and fresh, cold air flowing to the the filter.  Velocity stacks and percision designed intake tubes remove restrictions and provide uninterrupted airflow to the turbo and throttle body.

Ford Super Duty 2011 V8-6.7L (td)  Performance Package

The aFe Performance Package is a complete air flow solution.  This matched package contains 45-00077_afe_package_6.7l.jpgthe popular Stage 2 intake to handle bringing in maximum air volume and flow.  This intake outflowed the factory intake by 67%. The Large Bore HD 4" DPF-back exhaust system continues with the air flow velocity and lowers EGT's for maximum performance.  As an added value, aFe has thrown in a huge 6" black powdercoated aFe Power Tip for Free! 

This performance package is the best value on the market and saves you over $149!

This intake is 50-state legal (CARB E.O Number D-550-4). Order part number DTSPP-45-00077, your cost $729.00

Cold Air Intade System Stage 2 Ford Truck 2001 V8-6.7L Turbo Diesel

This Stage 2 cold air intake system for the Ford Super Duty with the Power Stroke 6.7L produces Ford 6.7 L54-11872 AFe Stage 2 26hp, 80lbs. x ft. torque and outflows the factory intake by 67%. Enclosed in a durable 16 gauge, powder-coated heat shield; this air intake system features a washable/reusable inverted cone conical air filter with Pro5R oiled media that improves airflow for increased horsepower and torque. This intake system also features a heat-insulating molded plastic tube that replaces the stock intake tract and directs increased air flow with improved volumetric efficiency for maximum performance. One-piece heat shield requires little or no assembly and utilizes factory mounting points for easy, no-cutting or drilling installation.  The filter is constructed with 100% polyurethane for long life and multiple cleaning cycles.

This intake is 50-state legal (CARB E.O Number D-550-4). Order part number DTSPP-54-11872 your cost $355.00

Exhaust System DPF-Delete Exhaust System Super Duty Power Stroke 2011 V8-6.7L Turbo Diesel Off Road Strip Racing Only

The aFe Mach Force XP DPF-Delete race turbo back exhaust system eliminates the use of the restrictive diesel particulate 49-43034_afe_exhaust_race.jpgfilter (DPF) for maximum performance and extreme mileage gains.  This free flowing exhaust system outflows the factory exhaust by 300cfm is constructed out of durable 4" mandrel bent 409 stainless steel and uses bayonet style hangers and band clamps for a clean installation. This system comes complete with all tubing, muffler, bayonet hangers, band clamps and is finished off with a high luster 6" polished 304 stainless steel, rolled, slash cut tip.  You will be shocked at the performance and mileage improvement you will see from this system.  This system requires the use of a controller with a DPF-delete function.

Note: This system weighs 85lbs less than the factory exhaust for increased performance and fuel economy.

This is a "Race Only" product used solely for competition. Its use is limited to closed-course racing that is formally sanctioned by a recognized racing organization.  Any other use, including recreational off-road use, could be in violation of local, state and federal laws. This system also requires an aftermarket electronic module to work properly with the vehicle.   Order part number DTSPP-49-43034 your cost $579.00